Richard Fong

Executive Chef

Richard Fong is the executive chef of O-Ku Raleigh. Originally from Hong Kong, China, Fong joins the team with 30 years of hospitality experience under his belt, with a majority of that time being spent as a sushi chef. His extensive knowledge about the restaurant industry has equipped him with the ability to make decisions quickly and efficiently. As O-Ku Raleigh’s executive chef, Fong brings his unique culinary perspective to the table, seeing food not only as nourishment, but also something where creativity can grow.

Fong’s childhood has served as his motivation to deliver excellent experiences for his guests. At a young age, he acquired a job to support his parents, who both fell ill, and began serving at a restaurant in Connecticut. Fast forward to joining the O-Ku team, Fong’s passion and creativity with food has helped him develop his craft and assume his new role.

Following the events of September 11 and many years of living in New York City, Fong moved to North Carolina, where he now resides with his wife and three children. When he’s not creating unique dishes at O-Ku, Fong enjoys playing basketball and watching his daughter play softball.

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