Robert Locke

General Manager

Robert Locke is the general manager at O-Ku Raleigh. With nearly six years of restaurant and hospitality experience, Locke focuses on creating a family atmosphere among his staff and building strong relationships with the restaurant’s suppliers.

A Hickory native, Locke relocated to Raleigh with his fiancée to join the O-Ku Raleigh team. Prior to his move, he started out serving as a dish washer at a local deli when he was just 15, and later helped develop Hollar Hosiery Mill. The mill includes a farm to table and event venue addition, which was once consulted by The Indigo Road many years prior. This experience revealed to Locke his love for history, hospitality and family, motivating him to join the team several years later.

When Locke is not cultivating a unique dining experience for O-Ku’s guests, you may find him playing a game of ultimate Frisbee or hanging out with his two dogs, Jacks and Tucker.

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